Topkapi #1


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3 Responses to topkapi-blend

  1. catagonia12 says:

    Great sketch! How did you get such beautiful blues and greens?

    • Ed Mostly says:

      Thanks! I use single pigment watercolours, so when you mix them the colours don’t get ‘muddy’, and they’re all highly translucent, so they have high brightness and clarity. Here I mixed the colours with very little dilution, making them as saturated as possible. And Photoshop helps too (joke). There’s more info about the 6 colours I use in the paints page on the blog. Ed

  2. catagonia12 says:

    Really nice to see your daily drawings, and your drawings of quick sketches of people are enlarging my viewpoint of what/how to draw on a daily basis! Thanks for the feedback……..

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